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Replacement (link x dark link)
    Link sighed and shook his head at no one. He could hear Midna yelling...those two were fighting again, they never let up. He hefted his prey back to where the others sat, a large buck with a leg wound was a lucky find and easy game. He entered the small clearing as Midna started screaming every cuss and insult she knew (she called Link at least five a day since they started this quest eight months ago and she was only a quarter through her list) at Dark. He simply turned his back and ignored her. Midna hated being ignored. Midna's face was going red and she was glaring a hole in the back of Dark's head, teeth bared and hair ready to strangle the shadow.
    "Can't you guys just sit quietly for once and not try to rip each others throats out. Seriously I can't leave you two alone!" Link started to prepare the deer for the trio's dinner.
    " There is no two - there is a her." - Dark really knew how to push her buttons, she sizzled behind
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Legend of Zelda-heroes' spirit- Divine Beasts :iconmidwolfdemon12:MIDwolfdemon12 3 5 Legend of Zelda-Heroes' Spirit-Father Time :iconmidwolfdemon12:MIDwolfdemon12 0 1
Spilling Blood And Breaking Bones OC preview
I stopped in my tracks when I saw the blood. It shined darkly in the bright beam of the flash light, especially in contrast to the bright yellow of the blooming dandelion patch it was dripped upon. Wild flowers, bushes and grass were flatten and ripped up in a trail, leading away from the campsite and deeper into the woods. More blood followed. Spilt blood was a thought of death. The forest filled with plants and animals, a thought of life. The deathly liquid was tainting a place of life.
Then it hit me. My heart was rapid fire beating my rib cage, I was breathing heavy and fast but I was gaining no oxygen. I was light headed, shaking and weak, I needed to lay down but I couldn't move. My stomach churned, my throat burned. I wanted to run back to the campsite, to my friends and family, but the crimson hypnotized me. The spell was broken and I hit the ground hard. The blood must of really freaked me out because the second I made contact with the ground my brain screamed at me that I was
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Void - Link x Dark Link - Chapter 3
Chapter Three
Void stalked along through the darkness, he drifted soundlessly through the market of Castle Town. Ghostly beings drifted around him, unaware of his presence. They brushed up against his hands and face, green essence misting as he passed carelessly through them. It was strangely sobering, however, to see them going about their everyday lives, oblivious to the fact that they were nothing but spirits.  
The Shadow sneered at the spirits with contempt, but wandered the streets endlessly, regardless. He pushed the door to the tavern open and stopped at the sight. Many people were gathered there, but it was some people on the far side of the room that caught his attention. A girl sat beside a couple of crates, her hands were balled into fists in her lap. She gazed with desperation and grief at a young Zora stretched out on the crates before her. He was ghostly pail, even for a spirit. A woman stood beside the girl, her hand on the girl’s shoulder.
Void’s crims
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APH-Ungrateful Children pg 21 :iconthelosthype:TheLostHype 287 173 APH-Morning Pick Me Up BONUS page :iconthelosthype:TheLostHype 348 67
Chains: Part 31 (Eyeless Jack x Reader)
{Reader’s POV}
        “What’s that one?”
        “A dyeing poison dart frog.”
        “And that one?”
        “Red-eyed tree frog.”
        “Ooh! Ooh! What about that one?”
        “[Name], you can read!” Buddy laughed, pointing to the sign. “Just look it up yourself!” Giggling, I skipped to the edge of the path and peered at the sign in front of the glass wall, eying the colorful pictures of frogs with awe. Visiting the zoo was always fun, especially for a seven-year-old. However, the rainforest exhibit had always been my favorite part. Humidity hung heavy in the air of the greenhouse-like building, birdsong echoing around us. All the colorful exotic birds and frogs, the constant symphony of nature... It was exhilarating, the best part.
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Hollywood Undead
(°_†)Danny (°_Ȝ)Johny 3 Tears (*cs*)Charlie Scene (°w°)Funny Man (°[$]°)J-Dog (°~°)Da Kurlzzz (°=°)Deuce
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Undead Army
pledge allegiance to the mask,
That I'll carry whiskey in my flask,
And anyone to diss HU,
I'll leave a bloody mess of you,
For we are family, you and I,
3 Tears for you, we all shall cry,
All day all night, our flags will fly,
The Undead Army Till The Day We Die
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